Unique Names for Apricot Dogs and Their Meaning

Apricot dogs are a beautiful and unique breed that is often characterized by their reddish-orange coat. If you’re looking for the perfect name for your apricot dog, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular and creative names for apricot dogs. Whether you’re looking for a name that reflects your dog’s color or personality, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find unique names for apricot dogs and their meaning below. 

apricot colored dogs in a basket

Apricot Dog Names for Golden Doodles

The best goldendoodle names for your apricot-colored pup can be found below. 

Name: Alcott

Meaning: This name is very similar to ‘apricot’ 

Fits Personality trait: Solitary boy Goldendoodle

Name: Alfie

Meaning: An Old English name for a wise one

Personality trait: Wise

Name: Archibald

Meaning: For the most precious pup out there

Personality trait: Precious

Name: Augustus

Meaning: After August, which can be considered the golden month

Personality trait: Golden dog, maybe a Cocker Spaniel who has an apricot coat too

Name: Barnabus

Meaning: A royal name for an apricot-colored dog

Personality trait: Royal and regal-like pup

Name: Benedict

Meaning: Beautiful name for any golden pup

Personality trait: Beautiful dog with a beautiful apricot coat

Name: Buddy

Meaning: Because he is your best friend

Personality trait: Loyal dog who is always by your side

Name: Chance

Meaning: A beautiful name for a golden pup

Personality trait: Lucky little pup who is a rescued breed

Name: Chaucer

Meaning: A beautiful French name for a golden pup 

Personality trait: French

Name: Chewie

Meaning: For an apricot-colored dog that likes to chew on everything

Personality trait: Dog who is a big-time chewer 

Name: Cooper

Meaning: English name, for a creator

Personality trait: Creative.

Name: Darcy

Meaning: For a dark golden pup

Personality trait: Dark apricot-coated dog

Name: Damasco

Meaning: Galician for apricot

Personality trait: Galician-like dog, pure breed dog

Name: Duke

Meaning: Because he is a duke in golden attire

Personality trait: Regal and royal-like pup

Name: Edmond

Meaning: Perfect name for a golden “protector”

Personality trait: Protective

Name: Edwin

Meaning: Royal name meaning ‘rich friend”

Personality trait: A spoiled pup

Name: Emerson

Meaning: This is an English name for the bravest of the pups

Personality trait: Brave

Name: Ernie

Meaning: German name, for a blonde fighter

Personality trait: Fighter

Apricot Dog Names for a Golden Retriever

Who doesn’t love a Golden Retriever?!  A great dog breed deserves a great name

apricot colored golden retriever

Name: Charlie

Meaning: Because Charlie is always a good name for a blonde pup 

Personality trait: Friendly and cute pup that is happy-go-lucky

Name: Fairfax

Meaning:  For a dog with “fair hair”

Personality trait: Fair-minded

Name: Finn

Meaning: Probably the best name for an apricot pup

Personality trait: Playfuy dog that loves a good dog park.

Name: Francois

Meaning: It’s French and fancy

Personality trait: Fancy little fella 

Name: Gatsby

Meaning: Famous character from a great book if you are a lover of reading as a pet owner

Personality trait: Precious pup who is a dreamer

Name: Hamilton

Meaning: Irish name, perfect for a golden dog or for someone who loves theater

Personality trait: Friendly and also a leader

Name: Henry

Meaning: Great name, especially if you think about the kings named like this

Personality trait: Regal

Name: Julius

Meaning: Because Julius Caesar used to have blonde hair 

Personality trait: Powerful

Name: Kajsi

Meaning: Albanian for apricot

Personality trait: Sweet Pup

Name: Kingsley

Meaning: Because apricot pets are usually compared with royalty

Personality trait: Regal and Royal Pup

Name: Louie

Meaning: English name, meaning “famous warrior”

Personality trait: Courageous

Name: Marley

Meaning: Old English name, for a blonde dweller

Personality trait: Friendly

Name: Max

Meaning: Latin name meaning “the greatest”

Personality trait: Perfect fit for a great dog. A very popular name amongst dogs but fitting for a classic “dog” persona

Name: Milo

Meaning: Old Germanic name for a very kind being

Personality trait: Kind-hearted, small dog

Name: Odie

Meaning: Beautiful Gaelic name, for a light, golden dog

Personality trait: Sweet dog who is fitting for a short name

Name: Oliver

Meaning: The shade can resemble a dark apricot. 

Personality trait: Friendly

Names for Apricot colored Standard Poodles

Apricot-colored dogs are so very cute. The color was likely one of the reasons you chose to get your new best friend. Or maybe your golden pup was found at a shelter. Standard Poodles often are apricot colored so the list of names below will be fitting for your new family addition. 

apricot colored poodle dog

Name: Asher

Meaning: This is the perfect name for an ash-apricot pup

Personality trait: Ashy

Name: Peaches

Meaning: A favorite fruit for many

Personality Trait: Great fit for a poodle that is sweet, gentle, and affectionate

Name: Coral

Meaning: This name is inspired by the underwater coral reefs 

Personality Trait: Great fit for a poodle that is playful, adventurous, and curious

Name: Sunny

Meaning: This name is inspired by the bright and warm sun

Personality Trait: Right fit for a poodle that is happy, cheerful, and energetic

Name: Apricot

Meaning: This name is inspired by the color of your poodle’s coat.

Personality Trait: Fitting name for a poodle that is intelligent and friendly

Name: Mango

Meaning: A favorite fruit

Personality Trait: Great fit for a poodle that is energetic, playful, and loves to be around people

Choose your shade of apricot for your dog and look at these fun pictures in this post here.


Finding the right name for your new puppy is important. If you have a great apricot-colored dog, hopefully, you found a great apricot girl or boy name for your furry friend. A dog with an apricot-colored coat is so beautiful and such a unique coat to have for a dog. The list of names within this blog post hopefully gave you inspiration for a great apricot dog name and/or you were able to find the coolest dog name. For a list of more names to choose from for your pup, check out our other dog name posts here.

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