Perfect Dog Names for Floppy-Eared and Big Eared Dogs

Choosing the perfect name for your big eared dog is one of the best parts of being a dog owner. I remember taking 3 days to choose a name for Wes. I think I had a spreadsheet with over 100 names that I stack ranked! Choosing a name for your pup is a great opportunity to reflect your dog’s unique personality and characteristics in a single word or phrase that they will respond to for years to come. For those with floppy-eared or big-eared breeds, their distinctive ears can serve as a whimsical and endearing source of inspiration.  Whether you have a playful pup with ears that bounce with each step or a noble hound whose ears add to their regal presence, you’ll find a name here that feels just right for your canine companion. Keep on reading for the perfect dog names for floppy-eared and big eared dogs.

Keep reading to find big eared dog names in these categories:

  • Dog Names for Long Ears 
  • Dog Names for Droopy Ears
  • Dog Names for Big Ears
  • Dog Names for Long Floppy Ears
  • Dog Names for Pointy Ears
Floppy Ear Dog

Dog Names for Long Ears

Dogs with long ears are so cute!!!  If you have yourself a Beagle, Bloodhound, or Bassett Hound you might find a good name for your pup below. 


Like festive streamers that flutter and flow, a dog named Streamer has ears that dance in the wind, making every outing a celebration.


Just as whiskers are sensory tools for animals, long-eared dogs use their ears to sense their surroundings. Whisker would be a fitting name for a dog whose ears seem to detect the slightest breeze.


For the adventurous dog whose long ears resemble sails catching the wind, Sailor is a name that speaks to their spirit of exploration. A great boy dog name who might also love the water, such as a Portuguese water dog!


A term used for rabbits with long ears, Lop could be a whimsical name for a dog whose ears have a similar floppy charm.


Sonar systems use sound propagation to navigate, and a dog with long ears named Sonar might seem to have their natural sonar system, picking up sounds from afar.


Banners wave proudly in the air, and a dog named Banner has ears that might as well be flags of their joyful disposition.


Dogs with long ears often seem to mimic our emotions, with their ears perking up or drooping down in response to our feelings. Mimic could be a name that celebrates this empathetic trait.


A playful name for a dog who loves to chase and catch, Frisbee also reflects the way their long ears might fly through the air as they run.


Tassels are decorative and often found swaying at the end of garments. A dog named Tassel has ears that add a decorative touch to their appearance, swaying with each step. This name is also fitting for a dog with a thick coat.


The rhythmic swing of a pendulum can be mesmerizing, much like the sway of long ears on a dog named Pendulum, who brings a calming presence to any room.

Dog Names with Droop Ears

Dogs with droopy ears have a charm that is both endearing and distinctive.  A cute little English Cocker Spaniel or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel might find their forever name in the list below.  Basset Hounds are also the classic droopy-ear dog breed!


Inspired by the iconic beagle from the Peanuts comic strip, Snoopy is a classic name that suits a dog with droopy ears and a knack for adventure and imagination. Could be a great match for a block dog.

snoopy letters spelled out for floppy ear dog name


A play on words, Earl is a dignified name that also hints at the prominence of their ears. It’s perfect for a dog with a noble demeanor and long, elegant ears. I always thought an English Setter would be a great breed of dog for this name.


Named after the animated character with famously droopy ears, this name is ideal for a dog with a laid-back personality and ears that hang low.


For the dog whose ears wobble to and fro as they walk, Wobble is a playful name that captures the movement of their droopy ears.


Just like the top of a muffin spills over the edge of the tin, a dog named Muffin has ears that spill over in a similarly adorable fashion. A great girl dog name too!


Puddle is a cute name for a dog whose ears droop like a puddle of fabric, perfect for a pooch with a calm and relaxed nature.


A fun and energetic name, Bingo is fitting for a dog whose droopy ears don’t stop them from being the life of the party.


Soft and floppy like cooked pasta, Noodle is a whimsical name for a dog with ears that have a similar texture and sway. Also fitting for dogs with long bodies like hot dogs!


Butler is a name that suggests a certain level of sophistication and service. Large Dog Breeds might be a good fit for the name Butler or male dogs.


Sweet and delightful, Cupcake is a name that suits a dog with droopy ears and a personality that’s just as sweet.

Dog Names with Big Ears

Big ears on a dog can be a striking feature that sets them apart and adds to their character. You can find so many mixed breeds with big ears in the shelters that will just melt your heart! Wes was a dog with big ears when he was a puppy and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him. Check out the cool names below for great names with dogs with big ears.


A dog named Radar has ears that seem to detect every sound, just like a radar system scanning the skies. Fun Fact: Wes’s shelter name was Radar! Although I did like the name, I just didn’t think it fit his personality traits so we changed it to Wes.


For the dog whose big ears resemble helicopter blades. Chopper is a name that captures their energetic and lively spirit. Dog owners who are also pilots of helicopters or any aircraft might find this name fitting for their dog too!


Inspired by the wise and powerful Jedi Master from Star Wars. Yoda is a fitting name for a dog with large, pointy ears and a sage-like demeanor. This name might be a good idea if you are a family who also enjoys a good sci-fi flick or a Star Wars saga.


Just like the adorable character from Gremlins, a dog named Gizmo with big ears has a cute and mischievous charm.


A tribute to the iconic Vulcan from Star Trek. Spock is a name suited for a dog with big, pointed ears and an intelligent, inquisitive nature.


Named after the beloved house-elf from Harry Potter. Dobby is ideal for loyal dogs and affectionate dogs with large, bat-like ears.


Echo is a name that reflects the idea of sound bouncing off their big ears. Perfect for a dog with a strong and resonant bark.


For a dog with big ears that gives them an elfin look. Elfie is a whimsical name that suits their magical appearance and is great for a furry dog.


Satellite is a great name for a dog whose big ears are always tuned in to the latest ‘broadcasts’ around the home.


A playful name for a dog with ears that stick out like wingnuts, Wingnut is perfect for a pup with a quirky and fun-loving personality.

Dog Names with Long Floppy Ears

Dogs with long floppy ears have a special kind of appeal that often makes them the center of attention. Their ears can be a source of endless amusement and affection. Here are some names that are perfect for dogs with long floppy ears, along with a fun reason or fact that makes each name a great choice:


Just like a stack of soft, floppy pancakes, a dog named Pancake has ears that are just as flat and endearing. A great name for a Pembroke Welsh corgi. 

floppy ear dog


Inspired by one of the floppy-eared rabbits in Beatrix Potter’s tales. Mopsy is a sweet name for a dog whose ears are soft and cuddly.


A simple yet descriptive name. Flop suits a dog whose ears flop around playfully as they move.


For a dog whose ears provide a canopy over their face, offering shade and adding to their mystique.


A cute Beagle name if you ask me. Bongo drums are known for their deep and resonant sound, much like the way a dog with long floppy ears might perk up to listen.


Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish. It’s a fitting name for a dog with ears that have a similar soft and velvety texture.


For the dog whose long floppy ears sweep the ground like a Swiffer duster, picking up dust and leaving trails of cuteness.


Cashmere is known for being luxuriously soft, much like the feel of a dog’s long floppy ears.


Named after the famous reggae singer Bob Marley, who was known for his distinctive dreadlocks. Marley could be a fun name for a dog with ears that have a similar laid-back vibe. Or you might find you have a Labrador Retriever and you loved the movie “Marley and Me”.

Dog Names with Pointy Ears

Dogs with pointy ears often exude a sense of alertness and intelligence. Their erect ears can give them a regal or foxy appearance, making them stand out in the canine crowd. A few dog breeds with pointy ears are Shiba Inu and Siberian Huskies! Check out the 


A name that reflects the sharpness of their ears, Spike is perfect for a dog with an energetic and bold personality. I think it’s also great for a black dog. I didn’t know this until I started looking at local area shelters, but black dogs are the least adopted dogs! 


For a clever and sly dog with pointy ears that resemble those of a fox, Vixen is a name that captures their foxy charm.


Just like the tip of an arrow, pointy ears are sleek and directed. Arrow is a fitting name for a swift and agile dog.


An excellent choice of name for a dog with great speed and a fiery spirit.  Much like a dog with pointy ears who is always the first to dash off on an adventure.


A magical name for a small dog with ears that could belong to a creature from a fantasy realm. Elf is ideal for a dog with a whimsical and enchanting nature.


Named after the wild cat known for its pointy ears. Lynx is a great name for a dog with a similar wild and independent streak.


For the dog whose pointy ears are always scanning the horizon. Pilot is a name that suggests they’re navigating their way through life’s adventures.


Inspired by the Egyptian god with a jackal’s head and pointy ears. Anubis is a majestic name for a dog with a noble and dignified presence.


A  name that evokes the image of the masked vigilante. Zorro is perfect for a dog with pointy ears who is also a bit of a hero at heart. I think a Chihuahua or another little dog with a lot of personality would be fitting for this name.


A name that means ‘star’ in Latin. Astra is fitting for a dog with pointy ears that shine bright in their owner’s life.


In the quest for the perfect name for your floppy-eared or big-eared dog, we’ve explored a variety of creative and fitting options that celebrate their distinctive features. From the whimsical to the regal, each name we’ve discussed offers a unique way to honor the special traits of your canine companion. Under Dog Names for Long Ears, we considered names like Streamer and Whisker, which reflect the sensory and expressive nature of long-eared dogs.

For those with Droopy Ears, names such as Snoopy and Earl bring out the noble and gentle aspects of breeds like the Basset Hound and Bloodhound. For pups with Big Ears, we suggested names like Radar and Chopper, which capture their alertness and lively spirit. And for those with Long Floppy Ears, names such as Pancake and Mopsy highlight the adorable and cuddly nature of dogs like the Cocker Spaniel. Lastly, under Dog Names for Pointy Ears, we offered names like Spike and Vixen, perfect for breeds like the Chihuahua and Shiba Inu, whose pointy ears give them a sharp and attentive look.

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Choosing a name for your new pup is a meaningful and fun process, and we hope this guide has inspired you. You can and should take other physical characteristics of your dog into their name as well. Be sure to check out the other posts we have for dog names if you didn’t find the perfect fit in this post. Happy naming!