5 Best Pet Memorial Gift Ideas

Losing our beloved pet is a tragic experience. It’s difficult as pet owners to not have our furry friend by our side every day. When Wes died, it was hard to think about what to have in his honor and what to always remember him by. No pet remembrance gift will ever replace your best friend, but it is important for us as pet lovers to find comfort in remembering our dear friend in some way and the unconditional love they provided us.

There are many ways to honor your beloved dog. Below you will find what I think to be the 5 best pet memorial gifts. 

  1. Paw Prints (Clay or Ink)
  2. Pet’s Ashes (Cremation Service)
  3. Pictures (Photo Frame, Drawing, Canvas Print, Painting, Pet Memorial Ornament, Picture Blanket)
  4. Jewelry (Dog’s initials or a paw print with initials in the middle)
  5. Memorial Garden (Where your dog is buried or a favorite spot of theirs)

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#1 Pet Memorial Gift Idea: Paw Prints (Clay or Ink)

When Wes died, the vet office had a service I could use where they would create a clay paw print for me of Wes’s paw and frame it. They even engraved his name on the frame and it is sitting on my living room bookshelf. If your dog, unfortunately, dies unexpectedly or at an animal hospital, they likely have a service you can use for creating a paw print from your dog. The emergency animal hospital I took Wes to and where he died, had a full sheet of options of what I could do for him as a special memorial gift.

If you know that your dog is sick or having a difficult time and euthanization is something that you have considered and/or decided on, then you can potentially create your own paw print at home. There are many DIY kits you can purchase online and make as many paw prints as you would like. If you choose a clay option, it’s likely not to fade but you will want to be sure to have it encased in something such as a photo frame or shadow box. Ink prints are great too, less expensive, and you can usually make multiple prints. Ink prints are also a great way for kiddos to remember their dog as they usually can understand a paw print and think it’s cute to have and look at from their furry family member.

Below are some great options and cost-effective ink and clay paw print DIY options:

If your beloved animal is in pain and euthanization is something that you need to consider, please read more about euthanization here on how to prepare yourself and your dog for euthanization.

Clay Paw Print
Wes’s paw print in clay and framed.

#2 Pet Memorial Gift Idea: Pet’s Ashes (Cremation Service)

If you and your family have decided that you’d like your dog to be cremated, having your dog’s ashes in a keepsake box is a beautiful way to remember them. This is something that we decided to do with Wes. Again, the animal hospital where Wes died had a service where they would send his body to be cremated and they would return his ashes in a beautiful box with his name engraved on it. The box was absolutely beautiful and getting his ashes back really made me feel like he was back at home. A little piece of him will forever remain with me in our home now.

Other dog owners will cremate their pets and decide to spread their ashes at a favorite place. That place may be a dog park or a favorite beach that you and your best friend went to often. If you want to do this, spread the ashes in a place that is special to you as well and a place you may often go back to and remember all the good times you had with your best friend. Your family or friends can be there with you when your speed your dog’s ashes in their favorite place and together you can all remember the happy moments you had together.

Wes's ashes from cremation
Wes’s ashes after we decided to cremate him.

Cremation Services for pets

If you choose to cremate your dog, please reach out to your vet for a local service they recommend. If your dog passes at home, you can google local cremation services. These services often offer to pick up your dog’s body and allow you to bring their body for the cremation.

Cremation services can be expensive and can depend on the size of your dog. It’s important to keep this in mind so you are not surprised by the cost and are unable to cremate your dog if that is something you would like to do. Not being able to honor your beloved dog the way you want will not help with your grieving process. Be sure to plan accordingly as needed, if possible. The loss of a pet is difficult as it is. You want to be able to always remember your pet in the way that you think is best.

#3 Pet Memorial Gift Idea: – Pictures (Photo Frame, Drawing, Canvas Print, Painting, Pet Memorial Ornament, Picture Blanket)

I’m sure as a dog owner, you have many pictures of your furry friend. There are various options for taking those pictures and easily turning them into a framed drawing or even a blanket. 

My mom had a blanket made of a lot of pictures of Wes and my kiddos. My sister had a drawing of Wes made for me that is framed next to his ashes and paw prints. Both pieces mean a lot to me. I am sure if. you chose either of these options, you would find comfort in both.

Below are a few great options to take your pictures and make something very memorable for your dog:

Picture Blanket - I keep my blanket with pictures of Wes on our couch and I use it almost nightly. It’s a great daily reminder of him and it has so many great pictures of him on it.
Canvas Picture - You can never go wrong with a canvas picture. They come in all sizes and are great for little kids to have a little one in their room or a large one in their living room to always have a beautiful image of your dog in their home.
Picture 3D Crystal - This is a very neat gift that would look great on someone’s desk or shelf in a home office. A great idea for a male dog owner. 

Whatever you choose, know that you can always create more memorial gifts.

dog's death
Wes’s paw print, ashes, and a drawing of Wes as part of his memorial gifts.

#4 Pet Memorial Gift Idea: Jewelry (Dog’s first initial or a paw print with the initial in the middle)

A piece of thoughtful jewelry is always a fan favorite for remembering your dog. My brother and sister-in-law gave me a sterling silver necklace for Christmas the year that Wes died. It had a W charm and a paw print charm. It’s very simple and so beautiful. It makes me happy every time I wear it. It allows me to remember all the great times we shared together as a dog mom and best furry friend.

A charm bracelet is also something wonderful to get and remember your dog. You might have specific adventures or things you remember about them that are great for charms. Example charms such as a tennis ball or a shoe!

Below you will find a few links to some great personalized jewelry ideas to remember your beloved dog:

Engraved portrait of a dog on a necklace. This is very beautiful and so cute and simple. This necklace is not very expensive (under $25) and would be great for you.
Dog tags with pictures. You can’t go wrong with good old dog tags. I love this one because you can also have a picture of your dog imprinted on a side of the dog tag which is very unique.
Engraved Bar Necklace. I am a big fan of engraved bar necklaces and have one with my kiddo's names on it. 

#5 Pet Memorial Gift Idea: Memorial Garden

Consider creating a memorial garden in your pet’s honor if you have a large area. 

Trees often become a symbol of hope. Their growth can signify life and it can be the perfect place to remember your beloved dog. You can bring your whole family into the tree-planting process if that will bring you more comfort. You may also bury your pet’s ashes along with the soil and seeds so that when the tree grows, you may feel as if the tree gates your pet’s loving memories. Below are a few tree memorial ideas:

  • Plant a tree in your yard and place a memorial stone by with your pet’s name.
  • Plant a tree at the park and check with the local park staff to see if you can place a memorial plaque on the tree with your pet’s name on it.
  • Plant a tree at the community center or pet cemetery. This is a perfect way to have a special place to always come and visit your dear friend.


Pets are very loyal to their owners and in a way, you should reciprocate that loyalty even after their passing, so be sure to celebrate their short life and loving memories. You don’t have to spend money to remember your beloved dog. Writing a poem or song to remember them is a great way to keep them in your memory. You might have heard the term rainbow bridge before. The rainbow bridge poem is a great reading you can view to help with the loss of a pet. You can also just take walks at your favorite place each year or spend a day with family and friends and remember all the good times you had together. The loss of a pet is very difficult and finding a way to remember them will be important for you and your family to cope with the loss.

As pet parents, there are plenty of ways to honor your pet after they have died. The ones listed in the blog post above are only a few to choose from for your unique pet. Use these ideas to help you commemorate your pet’s passing and choose the right one for you to help you cope with the loss and remembrance of your beloved dog.

Please comment below on a memorial gift you chose to have created or made for your dog.