The Best Yoga Inspired Dog Names and Their Meanings

Below in this blog post, you will find the harmony of yoga meets the joy of canine companionship! If you are a yoga enthusiast and a dog lover, you’ve come to the right place. Naming your furry friend is a special moment, and what better way to honor their presence in your life than with a name inspired by the tranquility and mindfulness of yoga? Find the best yoga inspired dog names and their meanings in this post.

We’ll explore some of the most beautiful and meaningful yoga-inspired names for dogs. From Sanskrit terms that evoke peace and balance to names of beloved yoga poses, you’ll find a perfect name that reflects both your passion for yoga and the unique personality of your pup. Whether you have a serene Shih Tzu or an energetic Labrador, these names will resonate with your love for yoga and celebrate the bond you share with your four-legged friend.

So, roll out your mat, take a deep breath, and join us on this journey to discover the best yoga-inspired dog names and their meanings. Namaste!

Dog and human doing yoga

Sanskrit Names for Dogs

These names not only reflect the rich cultural heritage of Sanskrit but also complement the unique characteristics of different dog breeds. Sanskrit holds a significant place in yoga for several reasons, deeply rooted in tradition, philosophy, and practice of this ancient discipline.


Meaning: Noble
Meaningful Name for an Afghan Hound because they are graceful and noble in appearance. The name could be used for a girl dog or a boy dog as well.


Meaning: Enlightenment
A great Name for a Shih Tzu because this breed is often calm and wise in demeanor. Best for a male dog and one of my favorite names for sure!


Meaning: Moon
Perfect Choice for a Siberian Husky who is known for their striking, moon-like eyes


Meaning: Competent
Best name for a Border Collie since this breed is highly intelligent and skilled. This name would also be great for a hunting dog breed or mix since they are incredibly intelligent.


Meaning: Song
Great name for a Beagle since this breed is known for their vocal nature.


Meaning: Lord Vishnu, one who takes away
Boy name for a Golden Retriever because this breed is friendly and loving, often seen as protectors. Similar to Harry if you love that name too but are also a yogi!


Meaning: King of the gods
A great yoga name for a German Shepard is because this breed is regal, strong, and often seen as leader.


Meaning: Victory
Unique name for a Boxer who is often energetic and triumphant in spirit.


Meaning: The black one; Goddess of time and change
A great fit for a Black Labrador Retriever who is strong and adaptable. With it having a meaning of Goddess, a female pup would own this name well.


Meaning: Goddess of wealth and prosperity
Perfect fit for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is elegant and beloved.


Meaning: Illusion or magic
A great option for a Pomeranian since this breed is often enchanting


Meaning: Joyful
Perfect yoga dog name for a Cocker Spaniel since they are cheerful and playful


Meaning: Sacred sound and spiritual symbol
A great yoga-inspired name for an Akita who is known to be calm and dignified 


Meaning: Goddess of love and devotion
A name for a furry companion like a Samoyed since this breed is known for its loving and loyal nature.


Meaning: Sun
Cute name for a Golden Retriever who is bright and warm-hearted


Meaning: Power or energy
An excellent name for a Pit Bull Terrier who is (strong and energetic


Meaning: Sun god
Clever name for a Vizsla who is energetic and bright-spirited


Meaning: Star
A fitting name for a Dalmatian since this breed is unique and has a star-like appearance with all its spots! 


Meaning: Goddess Parvati, light or splendor
A good name for an elegant and splendid breed such as Greyhound


Meaning: Knowledge
A favorite name for a highly intelligent and wise dog such as a Poodle

For dog owners who are also yoga enthusiasts, These names not only reflect the rich cultural heritage of Sanskrit but also complement the unique characteristics of different dog breeds. We are sure you will find a Sanskrit word that reflects your dog’s personality perfectly!

dog and person doing yoga poses

Dog names from Yoga Terms

Below are a few dog name ideas that reflect yoga practice and yoga terms. If you are a yoga lover and have a new puppy, a yoga term might be fitting for your dog’s name! Check the list out below and see if your practice of yoga inspires a yoga name for your pup!

Lotus (Padmasana)

Meaning: A pose that represents divine love, purity, and spiritual growth.
A Shih Tzu has a calm and serene demeanor, much like the meditative state the Lotus pose aims to achieve

Cobra (Bhujangasana)

Meaning: A pose that strengthens the spine and stretches the chest and shoulders.
A Greyhound with their long, flexible spines and regal posture embodies the strength and grace of the Cobra pose

Vriksha (Vrikshasana)

Meaning: The “tree pose,” which represents stability and grounding.
Wise dogs like the Scottish Terriers could be fitting for a name like Vriksha. Scottish Terriers are known for their sturdy stance and dignified personality and can reflect the grounded nature of the Vriksha pose.


Meaning: The “corpse pose,” known for profound relaxation at the end of a yoga session.
Bulldogs are well known for their laid-back nature and love for lounging, making Savasana a fitting name.

Nataraja (Natarajasana)

Meaning: The “dancer’s pose,” symbolizes grace and poise
Afghan Hounds with their elegant appearance and smooth movements, can represent the beauty of the Nataraja pose.

These names not only reflect the essence of the spiritual practice of yoga but also capture the unique characteristics of each dog breed. Enjoy finding the perfect name for your furry friend.

person in a yoga pose while the sun is setting


This blog post has explored a variety of yoga-inspired dog names that reflect the essence of yoga’s peaceful and spiritual discipline. From names that embody the tranquility and balance of yoga poses to those that capture the profound meanings of Sanskrit terms, each name is chosen to resonate with the spirit of yoga and the unique personality of your furry companion. Whether your type of yoga is gentle or hot, your new dog deserves a name that harmonizes with your passion. 

Whether you seek a name that signifies strength, calmness, or joy, this collection offers a harmonious blend of choices for your dog, ensuring that their name is as special and meaningful as the bond you share. Embrace the serenity and inspiration of yoga as you select the perfect name for your beloved pet. Whether your dog has a big personality, is a rescue dog, or is a sweet pup you have not yet potty train be sure to give them the best dog name!

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