How to keep a dog food bowl baby proof/spill proof

For families with both dogs and babies, keeping the two separate and safe is of utmost importance. Dogs need their food and water bowls, but curious infants can pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining a clean and safe feeding area. Good news, if you are a parent to a new baby it’s not likely that your little one will be crawling soon. But, come 8 months it is time to think about how to keep those little fingers out of the dog food. This guide aims to provide you with tips and strategies on how to keep a dog food bowl baby-proof/spill-proof.

dog with a bowl in his mouth

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Why Baby-Proof and Spill-Proof Your Dog’s Food Bowl?

Babies are naturally inquisitive and tend to explore their surroundings by touching, grabbing, and sometimes even tasting objects around them. Does this remind you of the puppy days when your dog put everything in their mouth? 

When it comes to your dog’s bowls, it’s crucial to baby-proof them to prevent various issues such as:


Babies may inadvertently touch or put dog food in their mouths. This could lead to hygiene issues and potential health concerns since dogs are not the cleanest animals around. I mean they do lick their butts! The last thing you need as a new parent is some harmful bacteria getting into your baby’s immune system. Let’s all be honest as well, dog bowls don’t exactly get cleaned every night in the dishwasher like our dinner plates. It’s likely that you have dirty bowls in some form or fashion lying on the floor. 

Choking Hazard:

Dog kibble or food chunks can pose a choking hazard for small children if they can access the dog’s food bowl. Keeping your baby safe is of the utmost importance, which means keeping choking hazards out of reach at all times.


Some children may have allergies to pet dander or specific ingredients in dog food. Keeping the two separate can reduce allergen exposure.


Dogs can become territorial over their food, and conflicts may arise if a baby or toddler approaches their bowl. To ensure safety for both, keeping the two apart is essential. As a dog owner, it’s critical that if you know your dog has food aggression you address that challenge with a trainer ahead of your baby arriving into the world. It’s also important to know that babies have been known to down in only inches of water. Having a safe space for the dog water bowl is critical for your infant’s overall safety. 

Now, let’s explore practical methods to baby-proof and spill-proof your dog’s food bowl.

What Features Matter in Baby-Proofing a Dog Food Bowl or Water Bowl

When it comes to baby-proofing your dog’s food and water bowls, selecting the right features can make a significant difference in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for both your child and furry friend. Here are the key features to consider:

Non-Slip Base:

This feature helps prevent accidental spills or movement, ensuring that the bowl stays in place during mealtime. It’s particularly important in high-traffic areas where your baby and dog often interact.

Elevated Design:

This design not only promotes better posture for your dog but also keeps the feeding area out of reach of curious hands. Ensure that the stand is sturdy and tip-resistant to prevent accidents.

Spill-Resistant Lip:

Spill-resistant dog bowls come with a lip that helps contain food or water, even if the bowl is tipped or played with. This feature is particularly useful in preventing messes and maintaining a clean feeding area.

Slow-Feed Design:

Slow-feed dog bowls have ridges or compartments that encourage dogs to eat more slowly. This can be beneficial in preventing choking hazards and discouraging children from attempting to grab large pieces of kibble.

Hygienic Materials:

Choose bowls made from hygienic materials like food-grade silicone or stainless steel. These materials are easy to clean, reducing the risk of bacteria buildup and ensuring the safety of both your child and dog.

By prioritizing these features, you can create a safe and comfortable feeding environment for your dog, while also ensuring the well-being of your little one. Remember, every household is unique, so consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the right baby-proofed dog food and water bowls for your family. A good choice for your best friend might not be the best for you and your setup at your home.  Always feel free to reach out by emailing if you have any questions or need help finding the perfect fit for you and your growing family!

3 of the Best Baby Proof Dog Bowls (Water Bowls Too!

Elevated Dog Food Bowls

An elevated dog bowl is a practical solution to keep the feeding area off-limits to curious babies. These bowls are designed to be raised off the ground, which not only discourages babies from reaching in but also promotes better posture for your dog. When selecting an elevated dog food bowl, ensure that it has a sturdy, tip-resistant stand. Some models also feature non-slip materials to prevent tipping and spilling, keeping your dog’s mealtime mess-free and safe from curious little hands.

I found that this elevated food bowl is a great option for any dog parent. While important for the dog food and water bowl to be baby-proof, you also want to make sure it’s the right height for your dog. This bowl has 4 adjustable settings so you can find the one that does not strain your pup’s neck or back. The set of elevated dog bowls works for small dogs or large dogs or better yet, a growing dog because of its 4 adjustable settings. it also comes in black or stainless steel so it can go with almost any kitchen decor. Lastly, it has noiseless rubber edges and anti-skid foot pads. This feature is important in a dog bowl that is elevated so that it does not slip while your dog is eating and spills all those kibbles in reach of your baby!

adjustable dog bowl

Baby Proof with Spill-Resistant Dog Food Bowl

Spill-resistant dog food bowls are designed to minimize mess, making them ideal for baby-proofing your dog’s feeding area. These bowls often feature a spill-proof lip that keeps food inside, even when the bowl is knocked over or tampered with. When choosing a spill-resistant dog food bowl, opt for one with a secure locking mechanism. This extra feature can make it challenging for a child to interfere with the bowl. Some models even come with lids, providing an extra layer of protection. Remember, babies have been known to drown in just an inch of water so securing a dog water bowl is very crucial for a busy parent. 

A great bowl to try for your dog that is spill-proof is this gem of a find here. It has an anti-slip bottom so it won’t slide all over the floor when your dog is trying to drink their water. Plus it’s totally spill-proof! Which is great for your baby because they can’t actually get to the water. We all know if we have a dog who is a messy water drinker. Your dog’s water bowl tends to have spilled all over the floor vs in your dog’s mouth. This bowl truly is a better solution for messy dog drinkers and keeping your babies out of the dog’s water dishes. 

image of an anti spill water bowl

​Baby Proof with Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Slow-feed pet bowls are excellent for preventing choking hazards and discouraging babies from accessing the food. These bowls are designed with ridges and compartments that make it difficult for dogs to eat too quickly. When baby-proofing with a slow-feed dog food bowl, look for a model with a non-slip base to prevent movement by little hands. 

First, slow-feed dog food bowls are amazing! If your dog is an aggressive and quick eater, these slow-feed bowls will help with that challenge. In addition to all the ridges and compartments, it is difficult for small babies to be able to grab the dog food out of the slow dog food feeder. 

You can check out these fun silicone dog food puzzle feeders here. I love these because silicone is more durable and non-toxic than a plastic dog food bowl. Plus, silicone will stick to your floor better in every situation. The silicone puzzle dog feeder can also be used for hot or cold foods. This makes it perfect for dog owners who may cook their own dog food vs using kibble. 

image of silicone dog bowl

Tips for Baby-Proofing and Spill-Proofing Success

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, here are some additional tips to successfully baby-proof and spill-proof your dog food bowl:

  1. Create a Designated Feeding Area: Designate a specific area for your dog’s food bowl, away from your baby’s play or eating area. This separation helps minimize potential conflicts and ensures hygiene. Many dog owners will keep the food and water bowl in a separate room like a laundry room which can be closed off from young children. 
  2. Use a Baby Gate: Install baby gates to create a physical barrier between your child and your dog’s feeding area. This can prevent unauthorized access. Plus a baby gate is a good tool to have in your home for many practical use cases. 
  3. Supervise Mealtime: Always supervise your child and your dog during mealtime to ensure that boundaries are respected and intervene if necessary. Regardless if you have baby-proof dog bowls, the baby and dog should not be left alone for extended periods of time. You know both that baby and dog will only cause havoc in your home! It will probably be cute havoc, but also messy havoc.
  4. Teach Boundaries: Teach your child to respect your dog’s mealtime and to avoid approaching the food bowl. Similarly, educate your dog to respect your child’s space. When Wes was a puppy we always played with him while he was eating so he learned not to be bothered. 
  5. Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean your dog’s bowl to prevent bacterial growth. Which can pose a risk to both your pet and your child. Dog’s saliva is everywhere, and most likely lingering in their bowl. Check that your dog’s bowls are dishwasher safe. This makes for an easy way to clean them each week or even every other week is a good idea.


As dog owners, ensuring the safety and comfort of your baby and dog simultaneously can be achieved by keeping your dog’s food bowl baby-proof and spill-proof. Choose the methods and equipment that best suit your specific situation and the needs of your pet. By following these tips and strategies, you can maintain a clean and safe feeding area for both your four-legged and two-legged family members.

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