5 top benefits of dog daycare for your furry friend

In this post, you will find the five benefits of dog daycare.

When you adopt or purchase a puppy, it’s easy to forget that puppies have a lot of excess energy. Puppies and young dogs also require quite a bit of attention. Depending on the breed, they may even require lots of mental stimulation. If you adopt or purchase a dog who is a little older they may have separation anxiety or behavior issues. In all of these scenarios, doggy daycare might be a good idea for your dog to get physical exercise, group play with other furry friends, and be in a safe environment.

The 5 top benefits of doggy daycare

  • 1 – Provides a safe and fun environment during long hours at work (Great for high-energy dogs or puppies)
  • 2- Increases socialization with other dogs and people (Best choice for our social dogs who need extra attention)
  • 3 – Gives comfort to dogs who suffer from separation anxiety (Good option for dogs with specific needs)
  • 4 – Allows dogs and puppies to get all their energy out (Good fit for daily exercise and mental stimulation)
  • 5 – Keeps dogs on their schedule (Great way to meet our dog’s needs, especially if they are still learning to be house trained)

If you are considering daycare services for your dog, keep reading to find out more about the benefits listed above.

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Benefit #1: Provides a safe and fun environment during long hours at work

For most of us, we work. Whether we work inside our home or outside our home, it’s still work. Sometimes you may have a long Zoom call and can’t risk excessive barking from your dog in the background because you are giving a presentation. Maybe you have to go into the office a few days a week and those are usually your long work days that last 10-12 hours with the commute.

In any of these scenarios, it can be stressful to worry about your dog. Doggy daycare is a great solution to drop your furry friend off while you take that call or when you know you will have an extremely long day. A lot of dogs can hold their pee for quite some time but that does not mean it’s enjoyable to them. I surely can’t hold my pee for 10 hours during the day. 

Most dogs need to get plenty of exercise each day as well. Especially if they are a puppy. I remember when I first adopted my dog, Wes, I had very long work days. Not only did I not want to crate him or leave him, but he was also unable to hold his urine for my long work days as he was only a puppy. On days that I could not make it back during lunch or a break, I would take him to doggy daycare. He LOVED IT! He also was so tired by the time we got back home that he only needed a short walk before bedtime. His exhaustion worked in my favor. If I had a long day and felt exhausted, I didn’t have to take him to any dog parks or for a very long walk.

Test doggie daycare out

Many doggy daycares have trial days for you to test it out and see if it’s right for your dog at little or no cost. You can also read Google and yelp reviews to give yourself peace of mind that your dog will be safe at the daycare. A reputable daycare facility will also require shot records to ensure the safety of your dog and others. A lot even have cameras set up so you can check in with your doggy each day and see them laying around or running with a friend. 

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Benefit #2: Increases socialization with other dogs and people 

In my opinion, your dog needs to be kind around other dogs and people. Of course, they may still jump and the puppy nips will be something to keep an eye on for a while. But, we all hope that we can walk our dogs down the street without them being too aggressive or having signs of behavioral issues.

Doggy daycare provides a safe and controlled environment for our dogs to socialize in. Dogs of course come with their instincts but we as dog owners still need to teach them good behavior. Having our dogs surrounded by all different types of breeds, sizes, and personalities of dogs is very beneficial for their behavior training. They will also be exposed to different people who work at the center and get comfortable with them.

Benefit #3: Gives comfort to dogs who suffer from separation anxiety 

Covid did several things, but it also increased the number of dogs who now have separation anxiety. Our dogs all became very comfortable with their human being in their home for a very long period. If you have had to go back into an office, this could have been and may still be a challenging thing for your dog to adapt to. Dog daycare can help with the transition of you going away from your home but still having people and other dogs around to support them.

Even before Covid, dogs had separation anxiety for many other reasons. Some dogs feel happier when they are surrounded by other dogs or people. Having others around provides them with comfort. Giving your dog that comfort oftentimes makes them act out less. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety may go to the bathroom inside the house more or chew/destroy furniture out of their stress and anxiety. No dog owner enjoys coming home to their couch chewed up or urine on their new rug. Sometimes our dogs just need a friend to help them through the day and dog daycare can provide those friends. 

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Benefit #4: Allows dogs and puppies to get all their energy out 

There are certain breeds of dogs that are very energetic and require regular exercise, fresh air, and a four-legged friend. One of the best things to do for a dog who has high energy is to ensure they have a safe and fun way to exert it all out. If they don’t get to, they tend to have destructive behavior. Like chewing your shoes or furniture. Regular daycare might be a great option to ensure your fur baby gets enough exercise regularly.

Daycare centers have different play areas and outdoor play areas for dogs to run around in with their friends. The staff members are usually very caring and love your dogs almost as much as you do. As a dog parent, that’s all we want right?! The doggy daycares that Wes had gone to had different areas for dogs of similar size too. Small dogs were not kept from large dogs or vice versa, but it was there if it was needed. Wes also had a room where he could get some quiet time if needed as well.

Remember dogs are packed animals by nature. They like to have a canine companion and doggy daycare is great for that.

Benefit #5: Keeps dogs on a schedule  

We are all creatures of habit, including dogs. My sister always talks about her dog waking her up exactly at 6 am for her walk. If she does not get up, her dog will constantly paw at her face and let her know that she must get up. This is because our dogs enjoy their schedules and knowing when they get fed or when they get walked. If for whatever reason, work or other obligations get in the way of your dog’s schedule they are likely to act out or just be sad about it.

Doggy daycare allows your dog to get their walk-in or their bathroom break when they are accustomed to getting it. Dogs don’t like change as much as people don’t like change. They have no way to verbally tell you that other than acting out of the ordinary. But, can you blame them? You as their owner are acting out of the ordinary from their schedule and they don’t know what to think about that. 

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But, dog daycare is not for all dogs 

Although dog daycare has many great benefits, it may not be right for you and your dog. Below are 3 important considerations when making your decision about taking your dog to daycare.

#1 – The cost of dog daycare can be high

Dog daycares can cost upwards of $35 for a single day for 1 dog. Many have daycare packages you can purchase to lower the cost per visit. Some may even have half-day programs available to you at a lower cost. If you have a dog, you know they do cost money, and making sure your budget for their meds and a vet visit is important. So if your financial situation does not allow you to take them to doggy daycare as an extra expense, then it might not be something worth going into debt.

#2 – The commute to doggy daycare can be long 

Consider how far away the doggy daycare is from your home or work. It might not be ideal if it’s a 30-minute extra drive for you each way. I have come across dog daycares that will come and pick up your dog and bring them home for you. Again, you will want to consider the additional cost of this service. It may be well worth it to make sure your dog is cared for during a long 14-hour workday!

#3 – New dogs, new people, and a new environment might not be the right fit for your dog

Some dogs, just like people are more introverted. You may have a dog from a not-so-great background. They might be skittish and their anxiety goes up when they are around new dogs and people. Luckily, most doggy daycares will have a meet and greet to ensure your dog, their staff, and the other dogs are all safe and comfortable. 

A great alternative to the cost, commute, and nonsocial dog considerations

A great app that I have used and that I am also on Rover, Many people work from home all day and enjoy having the comfort of a dog around. Your dog may not get the socialization with other dogs, but you would still have peace of mind knowing they are with a human all day if you had a long work day. Check out the site and see if it might be a cost-effective option for you and your pup!

You can also sign up to take dogs into your own home to give your dog a playmate or a great way to make extra money for you and your dog!

Is dog daycare right for you and your dog?

This is a question you should think about for you and your family (dog included). Remember the benefits of doggie daycare are:

1 – Provides a safe and fun environment during long hours at work

2- Increase socialization with other dogs and people 

3 – Gives comfort to dogs who suffer from separation anxiety 

4 – Allows dogs and puppies to get all their energy out 

5 – Keeps dogs on their schedule 

You also of course have to keep in mind the cost, commute, and if it’s the right environment for your dog depending on their temperament. It might be something you try out for a little bit if you have a puppy or a very active dog and you might also consider the rover app to be a more cost-effective and personal approach. The app also has great dog walkers in your area who can help you out as well.

Whatever you decide for you and your dog, it’s the right choice! You know your dog and your lifestyle more than anyone else.

Please comment below on your experience with dog daycare and Rover!

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    1. It’s great with the new app Rover that offers dog walkers and dog daycare options along side local businesses who offer doggy daycare

  1. Great post! I never thought of using a doggie daycare to help with separation anxiety. I have a Sheepadoodle who suffers from this and this idea might be a good solution to help her with that. Thank you so much!

  2. My dogs have separation anxiety and it’s been so challenging with the return to office, I come home at lunch but it’s the leaving part that’s the issue. Thought about daycare but wasn’t sure if it would help them feel better, you made some interesting points! Thank you for the reflection!

  3. I have taken care of dogs that go to doggy daycare several days a week and it’s true that when they come back, they are much more relaxed as they have been playing all day with other dogs. “Tired dog, happy dog”.
    I agree with all the benefits you mentioned, but in my opinion the greatest benefit is socialization.

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