39 fun dog facts that kids will think are cool

Of course, I am biased about dogs being fun and fascinating. As a mom of 2 little kids, making sure dogs and kiddos both respect one another is very important to me. Keep reading below to find 39 fun dog facts that kids will think are cool. 

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Fun Dog Facts

1 – Human blood pressure goes down when petting a dog. And so does the dogs. If you have a kid who gets anxious, petting a dog might help them out! I know I always found comfort in Wes and his presence and in hanging out with him on the couch for some doggy cuddles. Check out this article from NBC news on how dogs help reduce anxiety in our kids. Better yet, just go out and pet dogs, and you will feel better about everything.

2 – Dalmatians are born completely white with zero black spots on them. It will be pretty cool for the kiddo to see the dog get bigger and always ‘grow’ black spots on them. Plus according to the American Kennel Club article, dalmatians are also used as coach dogs at fire stations.  What kid doesn’t love a firetruck with a dog on it?

3 Dalmatian puppies in a basket

3 – A Cheetah can run up to 70mph and the Greyhound can run around 40mph. This is why the Cheetah is known to be the fastest mammal in the world and can outrun a Greyhound dog. But a Cheetah can only maintain that speed for a very short period of time, about 30 seconds. In a long race, the Greyhound will end up winning since they are able to hold its speed longer. Kiddos will love this video of watching a Cheetah and Greyhound race!

4 – Dog noses have a unique print, much like a human fingerprint. No two dogs have the same nose print. Your kiddos can take their fingerprints as a fun activity and also try to take the dog’s nose print! Just be sure to use a safe ink and wash it off their nose right after. Good luck with this activity haha!

5 – Wes always slept in my bed, from the very first night he came home with me. Not surprising since  43% of dogs sleep in their owner’s bed according to this survey taken. If your kid is looking for a big, warm stuffed animal to sleep with then a dog might be perfect for them.

6 – If you are a parent looking for a lesson in kindness for your little toddler, look no further than a dog. This study shows that dogs show voluntary, unselfish kidness towards others without any reward. Another reason why humans love their four-legged friends. Dogs truly don’t expect anything back. Well, maybe a fun treat.

7 – All dogs evolved from wolves! Dogs were around in 4500 BC, which to a kid is a VERY VERY long time ago. I always thought the husky definitely looked like a wolf.

4 adult husky dogs running in the snow

8Dogs can learn over 100 words and commands. As your Kindergartener is learning how to read, they can practice alongside their dog’s command practice. Some say a dog is as smart as a 2-year-old child That’s probably why you see toddlers and dogs communicating so well with one another. Or really just getting into mischief with one another.

9 – A popular belief is that dogs are color-blind. but, dogs can see color. They just can’t see as many colors as a human can.

10 – Dogs dream just like humans do. When you see a dog twitching in its sleep, they are likely chasing a ball in its dream or dreaming of its favorite activity.

11 – Chocolate might be a kid’s favorite treat but be sure not to give it to dogs. Unfortunately, chocolate will give dogs a bad tummy ache.  Funny story – Wes once unwrapped six Hershey kisses and only ate the chocolate and spit the silver wrapping out. I have no idea how he did it, but he did. I was so worried because I knew that dogs could not each chocolate. He seemed fine but was only a puppy, so I called his vet immediately. They said to monitor him but Hershey’s kisses weren’t pure chocolate so he should be fine. Wes had zero symptoms that were concerning to me. He did zoom around for a couple of hours after the chocolate thought on this sugar rush.

12 – Dogs are believed to be humans’ first pets. Which makes it that much cuter if they become a kiddo’s first pet too. 

13 – English bulldogs are super adorable but kids might think it’s pretty funny that they fart a lot!

14 – George Washington, our first President of the United States, was believed to have 30 foxhounds! You can always trust a leader who has a dog.

15 – A rare breed called a Kai is a dog known to climb trees!

Baby Kai Dog in green grass
Kai Dog

16 – Newfoundlands are amazing swimmers. They are the lifeguards of the world! They even have webbed feet.

17 – Puppies lose their baby teeth just like kiddos do. Their adult teeth will develop after their baby teeth fall out, just like a kid’s! Be sure to take care of your dog’s teeth with some dental treats. Check out this article explaining all the benefits of dental chews.

18 – You and your kids can choose from over 400 dog breeds. There is a dog for everyone. The most popular dog breed is a labrador retriever, also known to be a kid favorite for its intelligence and friendliness. The golden retriever follows closely as a family dog favorite right next to border collies.

19 – Dogs can see better at night than people. Our four-legged friend actually is a social sleeper. They take their sleep cues from us humans. So, if you are a night owl then your dog is probably a night owl too.

20 – Puppies are actually born with sealed eyes and they won’t open for up to 2 weeks after birth. Human babies open their eyes in their mother’s tummy before they are even born.

21 – Puppies are also born deaf. However, as dogs get older, they can often hear in higher frequencies.

22 – Dogs can be trained to help blind people. They will help guide blind people as they walk around and make sure they stay safe. Guide dogs are pretty special animals.

23 – Puppies learn to walk around 2-5 weeks which is much earlier than a human baby. A baby is known to walk between 10-18 months. 

24 – Puppies can sleep up to 19 hours a day! A human baby will sleep up to 17 hours a day. As a mom of little kids, I wish I could sleep 17 or 19 hours a day. It must be nice for those kiddos and pups!

25 – A dog can be trained to help police officers. Their incredible sense of smell can really help the police find dangerous items. A dog and its human police officer will stay together the entire time they work together. Most of the time, police officers will end up adopting dogs when they become too old to work. They then get to live out their retirement lounging around and sleeping the days away. A German Shepherd is the most popular dog to be a police training dog. 

3 police dogs

26 – Dogs sweat through their paws only. Unlike us humans who seemingly sweat everywhere when we get hot. Pretty important to make sure the ground your dog is walking on is never too hot or cold. If your dog ever gets cracked paws, a dog foot balm make them feel better quickly. Dog owners can also use paw pads to protect their dog’s paws. Although, Wes never. a fan of paw pads and they often took a long time to get on him.

27 – Dogs don’t feel guilt. Even though we may see those droopy eyes after they eat the cake off the counter, they don’t actually feel guilty. This might be why they might grab the cake a second time.

28 – Another interesting fact is that dogs have a dominant paw just like a human has a dominant hand. Dogs can be left-pawed or right-pawed.

29 – Dogs can smell a human’s mood and it can affect them too. So when a kid is throwing a tantrum, the dog is likely not feeling too great. But, when a kid is feeling super happy the dog is likely to be happy too. According to a study, dogs can also smell fear.

30 – Storms can be scary for dogs too. The thunder can hurt their ears. You might find your pup hiding under the bed or covers when a thunderstorm rolls in.

31 – Dogs have fewer taste buds than humans. That might be why they don’t mind that dry kibble and us humans are not a big fan of eating it. Human babies are thought to have 30,000 taste buds and they become fewer as they get older.

32 – Some stray dogs in the country of Russia have learned how to navigate the subway system and ride trains all day. Sounds like a kid’s dream to join them on their train journey.

33 – The Australian Shepherd is not actually from Australia. It’s from North America. Strange they didn’t call it the American Sheperd.

Australian Shepard on a rock by water

34 – If you ever wondered why a dog curls up into a ball while they sleep, they are actually protecting their vital organs. Way back when they were not domesticated, they were wild animals and they had to protect themselves from predator attacks.

35 – Another cool fact about dogs is that they think yawns are contagious too. When a person yawns, you might see the dog yawn soon after.

36 – According to the Guinness world records, the heaviest dog breeds are the Old English Mastiff and St. Bernard. Both breeds can weigh up to 200 pounds.

37 – On that note, according to the Guinness book of world records the tallest dog that lives is a Great Dane. His name is Zeus and he lives in Texas. Very fitting that the largest dog would live in the largest state.

38 – Dogs have such a powerful sense of smell they can actually smell cancer cells. It’s kind of wild but explains why our dogs often comfort us when we are feeling a little sick. I suppose if they can smell cancer cells, they can also pick up a flu bug.

39 – Dogs teach children about responsibility, socialization, compassion, patience, and fun! I don’t think it can get any cooler than that.

boy and dog


There are plenty of cool facts about dogs that all kids will love. Dogs can also make great companions for kids and teach them some great lessons in kindness and hard work. They are known to be man’s best friend which makes them a kid’s best friend too. They are the most loyal companions around and I can’t imagine having a world without a dog.

Check out these free and fun dog coloring pages for the whole family! You will find a few fun ones for adults too.

Comment below which of the amazing dog facts above surprised you.