21 Easy Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Your Dog

Easter is just around the corner and we can’t forget about our furry friends Easter Baskets. Easter has always been a favorite Holiday of mine because it falls around my Birthday and who doesn’t love two celebrations? Plus it’s getting warmer outside which makes everyone happier. Easter is fun because it includes candy, treats, small Easter gifts, easter egg hunts, and spending time with loved ones. I love putting together my kiddo’s fun Easter Baskets and always made sure that Wes had a basket to wake up to as well. Dogs deserve to be celebrated on Holidays too! Read below to find 21 Easy Easter Gift Basket Ideas for your dog!

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Easy Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Dogs of all ages and sizes

Did you rescue a pup? Are they mixed breeds? Or you don’t really categorize them as small or large? Check out the fun dog toys and gifts for all your furry best friends below:

  1. Wes LOVED Yak chews so I am sure your dog will love them too.
  2. How cute is this pick-a-carrot stuffy toy? Personally, my favorite dog toy because it’s so darn cute.
  3. A full Easter outfit for your furry companion, bunny ears included.
  4. This is probably the cutest little stuffed duck I have ever seen and will work for your dog or kiddo.
  5. For pet owners who are also star war lovers, these stuffies will be enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend.
  6. If you are a practical dog owner and are looking for a new dog leash, look no further.
  7. A great option for a practical dog lover is also a new collar.
  8. Wes always needed a new bed from always chewing his.
  9. Fun Burger Treats will your pup over.

Easy Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Big Dogs

If your dog is pushing 100lbs, then they will likely love these Easter gift ideas below:

  1. Larger dogs love ropes, give your big dog a fun Easter bunny rope in their Easter Basket.
  2. If your dog is a tough chewer, it will love this wishbone.
  3. A jumbo dog bed that will fit the whole family on it.
  4. The classic bully stick is a good bet for a big dog. They make for great gifts if you have a friend with a dog who needs a gift too.

Easy Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Puppies

The best Easter basket gift is to have a cute little puppy in an Easter basket or a broken egg! Dress them as an Easter bunny and you are an overachiever. But in case you already have a pup by your side, check out these fun gift ideas for them:

  1. A puppy chews a lot, make sure they are chewing these toys and not your furniture.
  2. Puppies need some training on how to walk properly, grab this cute harness to make the training a little easier on you both.
  3. How cute would your pup look in one of these spring-colored bandanas?
  4. If you decide to grab that puppy for Easter, make sure you get a puppy essential kit for all the supplies you will need for them. Don’t forget to download my Free new puppy checklist either.

Easy Easter Gift Basket Ideas for Little Dogs (For Puppies too!)

If you have a small pup that’s under 25 pounds, the gifts below will be perfect for them. 

  1. For the coffee lover who takes their pup to get a pup cup at Starbucks, this little Starbucks cup stuffy will be perfect.
  2. If your dog is super smart and likes puzzles and games, this maze filled with treats will keep them busy for hours.
  3. If you take your pocket dog everywhere with you, make sure they are hydrated with this cute little portable water bottle.
  4. Your little dog will look adorable surrounded by these little stuffed duckies and their mama duck.

Note – All pet owners should avoid giving their dogs and other pets plastic Easter eggs. Plastic eggs can be a choking hazard.


No matter what you decide to get your furry friend, they will love opening a squeaky toy or small treats on Easter morning. And even if it’s not the year to get them a gift in their Easter basket, rest assured a few extra cuddles from their human will be a perfect gift too.

If your new puppy is coming this spring, be sure to grab my Free Puppy Checklist. This list will give you confidence in having all the things you need for your puppy before they arrive.

You can always save a few bucks and make homemade dog treats, with this peanut butter dog treat recipe.

Comment below on what you are putting in your dog’s easter basket this year!